The best Shopify free shipping bar apps can be valuable tools for Shopify store owners, just like other types of Shopify apps.

Shipping costs are one of the biggest obstacles to consistent online sales. Countless customers abandon their carts simply because the price of shipping is too high.

By offering your customers an option to access free shipping, you can significantly increase your sales, and generate more brand loyalty.

A free shipping bar app will ensure you can promote your shipping deals to customers in an eye-catching and engaging format.

Here are some of the best shipping bar apps for Shopify to consider this year.

Hextom - Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar AppsHextom - Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar Apps

Pricing: Free plan with paid packages starting at $9.99 per month.

The Hextom Free Shipping Bar app is a highly-rated option on the Shopify marketplace. It displays progressive messages to customers on your behalf when they place items in their shopping cart, letting them know exactly how much they need to order to access free shipping.

The fully-customizable bar comes with advanced targeting options for location, customer, and page type. Plus, it allows users to set up different shipping offers for various segments and countries.

Key features:

  • Progressive shipping goal messages
  • Advanced targeting for device, product, page, location, and customer
  • Scheduling tools for specific free shipping events
  • 1-click to enable with no coding
  • Auto-detect local currencies for currency conversion
Essential Free Shipping Upsell - Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar AppsEssential Free Shipping Upsell - Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar Apps

Pricing: Free plan with paid plans starting at $6.99 per month

Another fantastic option for companies looking to promote free shipping options, the Essential app helps businesses increase sales and average order value, with an unlimited number of free shipping bars.

You can set cart value goals, to motivate your customers to buy more. Plus, you can offer other incentives alongside free shipping, like discounts and deals.

The progress bar comes with integrated product page upsell and cross-sell options, as well as cart selling functionality. It also…

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