As a content creator, I know brand identity is everything. My audience wants to know what makes me different, why I create content, why they should trust the information I put out, and why I might promote a product or service.

A woman contemplates creating a company profile

The same is true for companies. In addition to the information above, people who find your company online want to know about your mission, vision, and how you can help them solve their problems.

The best way to convey all this and establish a solid brand identity is to do what I did with my own website — create a profile. In my case, it’s a creator profile, but for you, it’d be a company profile.

Not sure what a company profile is or how to create one? Don’t worry — I got you covered with a breakdown of everything you need to know about building a company profile.

Free Download: 6 Customizable Company Profile Templates

A company profile serves multiple purposes, but two of its primary goals are to connect with customers and attract investors for funding opportunities.

Why Company Profiles Are Important

As you can see on my profile, company profiles go beyond a regular About page. My profile details how I started, why I create content, and my journey to finally starting the blog.

A simple About page would typically only include a brief overview of who the company is and a point of contact.

Your company profile would show your company’s beginnings and why you continue to serve customers. Essentially, it humanizes your brand. Additionally, a company profile:

1. Differentiates Your Brand

According to my profile, my brand‘s story started with my sister’s Sailor Moon VHS tapes. Those tapes eventually led me to create content centered around anime and different “nerdy”…

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