10 Proven Passive Income Ideas for 2023

There are many ways to generate passive income and change your financial future. Whether you want to earn just an extra $1000 per month on the side or go into something full-time and replace your current salary, different passive income ideas require different work and time.

Upfront work is required, so don’t expect to get rich overnight, but with a plan in place and the right kind of motivation, you can see success much sooner than you think.

1. Start an Online Business

Starting an online business is the best way to generate revenue on autopilot.


  1. You don’t need a ton of cash upfront.
  2. You have a lot of room to make mistakes, and
  3. It’s one of the most fulfilling life adventures you could ever be on.

I started my first online business in 2008 after being laid off from an architecture job I loved. My website helped architects pass a difficult exam, and people paid me for study material I created to help them prepare.

How much money did this business make?

In one year, I generated over $200,000, more than double what I earned as an architect.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to generate passive income simply by recommending existing products to other people. If you’ve ever recommended something to a friend, you know how to do affiliate…

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