Understanding Guided Selling

Customers want personalized interactions, proactive service, and sales reps who understand their needs.

In fact, 66% of consumers surveyed in a Salesforce State of the Connected Customer survey expected businesses to understand their needs in the sales process.

Therefore, it’s increasingly important that your brand blends quality messaging and personalization with a meaningful branded buying process.

Guided selling assists you with providing a smooth, personalized online shopping experience that builds consumer trust and loyalty. Through a series of questions and machine learning algorithms, it helps customers with their decision-making process by providing specific product recommendations.

In this guide, we’ll share many real-world B2B and B2C guided selling examples so that you can clearly see the powerful benefits of a guided selling process in ecommerce.

Importance of Guided Selling in Ecommerce Sales

Guided selling in ecommerce helps provide the feel of an in-person experience at a brick-and-mortar store. It leverages AI technology to allow for more two-way conversations and interactions, so customers can efficiently get the information they need.

When done well, it feels like an exchange — polite, informative, and focused on their needs. As a result, it can build purchase confidence, increase conversions rates, improve customer satisfaction, and because customers find what they need, reduce returns, and help you build a long-term customer relationship.

Guided Selling in B2B Sales

B2B guided selling aims to augment and digitize your sales team, providing best-fit product recommendations while customers shop independently online. For some B2B ecommerce sites, these discovery experiences generate direct sales, while others implement guided selling tools to capture and qualify lead information to later empower a salesperson to build a relationship and generate sales.

B2B sales teams also can use AI tools to collect data at scale and…

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