Print-on-demand has transformed e-commerce and made it simpler than ever to sell real products online. You don’t have to manage any inventory using print-on-demand since products are printed and sent to clients when an order is made. Choosing the bestselling print-on-demand products to market may increase your business’s revenue.

This article will cover the top 15+ bestselling print-on-demand products for 2023 that you can add to your POD store.

Bestselling POD Products in the Apparel Category

Apparel is one of the most popular and most accessible POD product categories. Let’s check out some bestselling POD products in this category.

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T-shirts - DSers

With their broad appeal, T-shirts are undoubtedly one of the bestselling print-on-demand products. No of the season, people wear T-shirts all year long, making this market well-liked. You must make sure your designs stand out as a result. You may either select a strong or a bit more subdued pattern.

Popular styles:

  • Unisex T-shirts
  • Children’s T-shirts
  • Black and white T-shirts

Bestselling designs:

  • Kitsch ’90s graphic design
  • Spiritual and esoteric
  • Bold and decorative typography

Seasonal trends:

  • Manga and Japanese art T-shirt trends
  • Psychedelic T-shirt trends
  • Sci-fi T-shirt trends
  • Superheroes and cartoon characters


Hoodies - DSers

Trendy print-on-demand products like hoodies usually sell well since they are cozy and can be found in the wardrobes of millions of people. Indeed, it’s a product that people wear more frequently when the weather is chilly, but don’t forget about the gym goers, couch potatoes, and everyone who enjoys a hoodie’s coziness. Remember this while choosing your pricing because the more complicated the design, the more you may charge.

Some bestselling designs for POD hoodies:

  • Unisex premium hoodie
  • All-over print unisex hoodie
  • Minimalist typography


Sweatshirts - DSers

For the same reason that T-shirts are top sales, sweatshirts are too. They are…

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