2023 is coming to a close, and what better time to reflect? December is when we check in with our goals—both personal and professional. That’s why we’re focusing on entrepreneurial lessons learned in this issue of Talking Shop. And we’re doing it with a brand that has a thing or two to celebrate this year—Kiyoko Beauty. 

This Canadian beauty brand is on a mission to “Make Asian Beauty for Everyone”. Kiyoko exists to eliminate the apprehension Western consumers have with ordering Korean and Japanese beauty products. And based on its thousands of social media followers and millions of likes, we think they’re doing a pretty good job.

A branded image showing several Korean and Japanese beauty products on a gradient pink background with the Kiyoko Beauty logo in the middle. 
Kiyoko Beauty sells a wide range of Korean and Japanese beauty products. 

We sat down with Gillian Liu, Co-Founder and Marketing and Growth Lead at Kiyoko Beauty, to reflect on the last 2 years of growth for the Asian beauty brand. 

A look back with Kiyoko Beauty Co-Founder, Gillian Liu

Rewinding to 2021, we’re at the first chapter in Kiyoko’s brand story. Co-founders Gillian, Kevin, and Susan decided to start Kiyoko with one mission in mind—making Asian beauty accessible to all. 

“There’s so much good Asian beauty out there, but it’s just not accessible. People either don’t know where to buy it or don’t trust the overseas supplier. So that’s the mission of Kiyoko. We provide the best, authentic products from Korea and Japan, and the other important piece is that we are educators,” Gillian shares.

As any small business owner, the 3 co-founders met their fair share of challenges, obstacles, and learning opportunities. We sat down with Gillian to reflect on the past 2 years of Kiyoko’s path to success and some of the important lessons she’s learned along the way. 

Don’t be afraid to outsource to free up your capacity

As with many entrepreneurs, Kiyoko’s 3 founders did everything from marketing to inventory to fulfilling orders in their homes in the early days. It wasn’t until they decided…

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