Content makes the world go ’round (at least for marketers), but it can’t create itself. This week we’re exploring the top creator economy predictions for 2024 that marketers need to know.

Chances are, your brand has worked with creators in the past and likely will again.

Currently valued at $250B, the creator economy is expected to reach $480B by 2028. This growth is fueled by increased cash flow from brands and higher demand for content.

Per a recent study by IAB:

  • 44% of advertisers plan to increase spend with content creators in 2024
  • Brands anticipate increasing creator content budgets by 25% in 2024
  • 39% of consumers watch more content now than the year prior

Creator content is no longer just a top-of-funnel play. In 2024, a well-rounded marketing strategy has content embedded throughout, and strong relationships with creators are essential to making these strategies work. Here are the top predictions of how the creator economy will evolve in 2024.

2024 Creator Economy Predictions

The Growth of YouTube Shorts

YouTube launched Shorts, its short-form video feature, worldwide in 2021. Two years later, Shorts continues to grow. In February it crossed 50B daily views and rolled out a revenue share program for creators who share videos on Shorts.

While Shorts haven’t yet matched Reels which garner 200B views daily across Instagram and Facebook, the feature still has a lot of untapped potential for marketers.

YouTube is a powerful search engine with a large global user base. Pew just released research stating Gen Z now spends more time on YouTube than TikTok each day. With this in mind, the potential to get in front of a large audience by creating SEO-rich short-form videos is high.

Additionally, as creators look to diversify their presence on platforms, many will likely repurpose their content on Shorts to get in front of new audiences. This could generate additional engagement on Shorts that is appealing to marketers.

B2B Brands Embracing Creators


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