In video marketing, choosing the right soundtrack can be the difference between a video that grips your audience from start to finish and one that they can barely get halfway through.

woman listens to the best royalty free music for her youtube video

Not just any music will do, and knowing where to find the best royalty-free music sites is helpful.

Play a fitting soundtrack or jingle in your video to grab your audience’s attention and evoke the specific emotions and feelings you want them to associate with your brand.

Neglect the musical aspect of your video, and people will think less of your brand.

Fortunately, we found 21 royalty-free music sites that provide high-quality music and can help you make the perfect soundtrack for your next video.

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21 Royalty-Free Background Music Websites for Videos

1. PremiumBeat

where to find royalty free music, PremiumBeat

Owned by Shutterstock, PremiumBeat offers one of the most diverse and sizable collections of royalty-free music online.

With the help of their music industry experts, they’ve curated over 10,000 tracks that you can segment by genre, mood, artists, instruments, beats per minute, and duration.

Their music experts also curate an Editor’s Pick playlist with 857 of PremiumBeat’s best tracks to help you make the best possible soundtrack for your videos.

What we like: Only some videos need a fast-beat song. Sometimes, a slow tempo works just fine. PremiumBeat’s filters make searching for music easy.

Best for: Video creators who know the style of music they want for their project.

Pricing: $64.95 a month

2. Epidemic Sound

where to find royalty free music, Epidemic Sound

By collaborating with some of the most talented musicians in the industry, Epidemic Sound’s tracks are featured on YouTube and Facebook videos that rack up over 20 billion views each month.

Epidemic Sound has curated over 725 albums of royalty-free music, spanning from genres like “Corporate” to “First Snow,” allowing you to create diverse and high-quality soundtracks.

What we like: Epidemic Sound offers a wide range of music…

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