Customers are always on the lookout for deals. And price comparison websites, which compare product prices, shipping prices, and coupon codes from multiple realtors, are online destinations that help them make informed decisions.

Comparison sites and apps don’t just benefit customers, they also allow ecommerce merchants to attract new visitors. Comparison shoppers are already interested in buying, making them an ideal audience for promoting sales and discounts.

Whether you’re checking a product deal or simply browsing for bargains, here are the 25 best sites to compare prices on right now. Plus, we have advice for merchants who want to list their products on selling sites and marketplaces.

💁🏽‍♂️ What’s in this post? This list is split into three sections: the best price comparison sites for US (and global) users, price comparison sites for users outside the US, and the best websites and apps for Shopify merchants who want to add price comparison features to their stores.

Best US price comparison websites and apps

  1. Google Shopping
  2. Shopzilla
  3. Become
  4. Bizrate
  5. Camelcamelcamel
  6. ShopMania
  7. BuyVia
  8. ShopSavvy
  9. Yahoo! Shopping
  10. Pricepirates
  11. Honey


1. Google Shopping

Product listings (headphones and video games) below an illustration of shoppers and a Google search bar.

Google Shopping is one of the largest and best-known price comparison sites. Products submitted to Google Shopping also appear in standard Google search results and integrate with Google Ads, the pay-per-click platform.

For merchants, Google has a price competitiveness report for product prices on Shopping ads. This tool displays four metrics for comparing product prices against the competition:

  • Your price: the current price of the product.
  • Current benchmark price: the average click-weighted price for a product across all businesses that advertise that product with Shopping ads.
  • Current benchmark price difference: the percentage difference between your product’s current price and the benchmark price.
  • Historical benchmark price difference: the percentage difference…

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