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Etsy Kings Podcast –
0:00:00 Intro
0:01:56 Top Etsy Seller Tips
0:03:07 Biggest Problem Faced when Starting on Etsy
0:06:32 Consistency
0:07:42 Working for Yourself
0:10:12 Longterm Plan with Etsy Dropshipping
0:14:44 Money and Ambition
0:17:30 Networking
0:20:12 Treating E-Com as a Business
0:23:17 Outsourcing
0:26:52 Shopify Dropshipping
0:29:12 Ego and Experience
0:32:28 How the Etsy King Started Dropshipping
0:34:27 Modern-Day Slavery
0:39:57 Taking Responsibility
0:46:27 Customer Service
0:53:39 Payment Reserves on Etsy
0:54:38 Avoiding Bans on Etsy
0:57:38 E-Com Stores and Assets
0:59:45 Biggest Lesson Learnt Dropshipping for 6 Months
1:00:30 Outro


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