Want to grow your ecommerce Shopify store? Looking for dropshipping tips to grow your shopify store? We’ll unpack that and more in this shopify tutorial video!

In this video, I share three simple tactics you can use right now to get more traffic, sales, and subscribers for your ecommerce or dropshipping store.

0:10 – Improve on-site SEO
0:37 – Research keywords
1:08 – Use SEO apps
1:27 – Audit site and competitors
2:03 – Optimize site navigation
2:46 – Edit titles and metadata for SEO
3:04 – Set up retargeting ads
3:31 – Retarget past visitors
3:49 – Collect data with pixels
4:16 – Build email list
4:37 – Email signup form example
4:58 – Place forms strategically
5:13 – Create compelling opt-in offers
5:38 – Send regular newsletters
5:58 – Segment email list
6:14 – Email for cross/upsells
6:23 – Email marketing high ROI

Learn how to improve your on-site SEO, set up retargeting ads, and build your email list to boost your ecommerce business.

Plus, get my tips on creating compelling offers and sending effective newsletters.

Take your Shopify store to the next level with these easy but powerful growth strategies!

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Remember to keep moving forward!

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