Subscription-based companies have earned a spot in taking ecommerce companies further and truly becoming direct-to-consumer brands. You can pretty much have any product you can think of delivered right to your doorstep, every month. Toilet paper, toys, grooming products, clothes for every occasion, food and beverage items—you name it.

Recharge analyzed 15,000 ecommerce merchants with 8.5 million active subscribers and discovered that the average subscription customer held over 4 total subscriptions—a 14% increase since 2021. Subscription boxes are a win for consumers looking for convenience and saving money each month on products they buy, while ecommerce merchants increase average order values (AOV) and retention among its customer base.

With many subscription boxes looking to make their way into consumers’ hands, it can be difficult for new and existing companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. Customers are beginning to ask “What makes this subscription different from my current subscription.” The solution is to pair subscription boxes with a rewards program.

Many subscription boxes are beginning to add reward programs as part of their customer experience, allowing customers to earn rewards and save money. Here are 3 examples of how to use a rewards program in the subscription industry.

Hydrant and Hydrant Rewards

hydrant subscription webpage screenshot
Pair subscription boxes with a rewards program

Hydrant is a wellness brand that creates hydrating sticks you can add to water. With different flavors and a thriving community, Hydrant has built a recognizable brand. It encourages customers to sign up for a subscription box for a 20% off discount, and custom plans for every customer. With access to perks like new products, free shipping, and no hidden fees, Hydrant lays out the benefits to its first-time customers.

Hydrant implemented its loyalty program Hydrant Rewards, allowing customers to earn 1 Point for every $1 spent, including in their monthly subscription box….

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