Are you really an online business owner if you’re not providing multiple mobile payment types for your customers?

I’m not the judgy type, but in 2023 and with so many options at everyone’s disposal, you have to meet your customer where they’re at. And chances are…that’s on their mobile device. 

That’s why your online store needs to set up mobile payment processing. 

Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. It’s actually pretty darn simple for merchants out there. But here’s the deal: it does take a little bit of work in the beginning. Think about it as embracing the future, where your customers can just wave their phones and boom, payment done. No need for fumbling around with cash or cards. It’s all about speed and convenience.

So, it’s high-time you got on board with this mobile payments trend and invested in a snazzy point-of-sale system that can handle all those boundless contactless payments and digital wallet transactions. (I mean why not manifest it, right?)

Let’s make shopping easier and more fun for everyone!

In this article I’ll get into the following topics: 

  • What mobile payments actually are 
  • What types of mobile payments exist?
  • Why you need mobile payments
  • How you can implement mobile payments into your online business

 Let’s make shopping easier and more fun for everyone. Ready?

What Are Mobile Payments? 

So what are mobile payments, exactly? Mobile payments refer to any payment made using a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, check, or physical credit cards, a user can use a mobile device to pay for a wide range of services and goods. Here’s a breakdown:

4 Types of Mobile Payments

4 types of mobile payments infographic

Now that you’re on board the mobile payment train (woot woot!), it’s time to actually learn what kinds of mobile payment exist out there. Let’s get into it!

1. Mobile Wallets

Think of a mobile wallet as your digital all-in-one buddy. It holds your card info and lets you pay without lugging your physical card around. The name is…

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