Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi, my name is Bob Cole and I am a former Psychologist and the Founder and CEO of World Wide Stereo which opened in 1979. World Wide Stereo is a consumer electronics company specializing in the sale, design, and installation of Audio, Video, Home Theater, Media rooms, and Smart Home products such as shades, lighting, networks, and HVAC control.

My goal is to, by using electronics, provide customers with a higher quality of entertainment and environmental control in a manner that is simple and easy. My first store is our signature store and has been described by many in the industry as the best in the country. It is supported by a second Technology Design Gallery on the other side of Philadelphia.

I have a sophisticated team of Salespeople, Designers, Engineers, and Technicians who manage our very successful Custom Installation Department which has achieved national recognition.

I am most pleased that we have minimal staff turnover. A high percentage of my staff have been with me for over 20 years with several over 38 and 42 years. We are a profitable $56 to $62 million business and I am supported by a team of five highly effective C Suite professionals.

I recommend you check out our Our Story page. You’ll see a fun and wacky timeline of the evolution of the business and the headliner video gets to the heart and soul of what we’re all about.

Here’s the embed link for the video mentioned above:

What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

We officially opened in 1979 as strictly a hi-fi store then added TV and video shortly thereafter with a swiftly growing car audio installation business. In 1980 we identified in-home installation as a growing need. Consumers no longer wanted to attempt the work themselves, but more so, they wanted it done right and without complication.

It’s always been our vision at World Wide Stereo to take…

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