Though generative AI is everywhere, the fear around the state of AI is real.

employees discuss ai fears in a meeting

From our survey of 1350+ business professionals in the US, including marketers, we found that 63% of marketers not already using generative AI are not looking to start.

Yet, there are vast amounts of data and use cases to support AI as a productive and efficient tool to support marketing efforts.

In this article, we’re looking at the top fears surrounding AI in marketing and sharing tips from experts to help leadership address them.

The Top Concerns for Using AI

Tips for Addressing AI Fears

Should AI fears stop you?

The Top Concerns for Using AI

Our survey results identified the top five fears around using AI and the potential rationale. Find out what they are so you can better support your team.

1. Threat to Jobs

AI’s supposed threat to marketers’ jobs is a justified fear. But, our survey suggests that employees are overly concerned about this.

We found that marketers using generative AI believe that it can help create marketing content more efficiently (77%) and improve the quality of their marketing content (79%).

From an employee’s perspective, these stats might sound scary!

However, leadership surveyed said AI/automation tools make employees more productive (30%), and AI/automation tools make employees more effective at their jobs (32%).

Even better, 66% of business leaders have hired new employees specifically to help with leveraging/implementing AI/automation tools.

The threat to jobs can leave marketers worried about their jobs’ future. Understandably, a fear like this could prevent someone from embracing AI to its fullest.

With leaders believing that AI is making teams more productive and effective at their jobs, restructuring the narrative is all it could take to reassure your team that their jobs are not under threat and instead that AI is a tool to empower them.

2. Quality and Relevancy

The second biggest concern revolves around the quality and relevancy of AI…

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