Want to attract shoppers to an ecommerce site in January 2024? Consider producing helpful, informational, or entertaining content around “national days,” promotional calendars, or product innovation.

Content marketing is creating or curating content, publishing it, and promoting it to bolster search engine optimization and email and social media marketing. It helps all sorts of ecommerce merchants — retail, direct-to-consumer, B2B — attract, engage, and retain customers.

Here are five content marketing topics your company can use in January 2024.

1. National Take the Stairs Day

Photo of a male next to stairs in an office settingPhoto of a male next to stairs in an office setting

Take the Stairs Day reminds folks to start a healthy habit.

National Take the Stairs Day on Jan. 10, 2024, encourages Americans to start a healthy habit. It is also an opportunity for businesses to create the habit of generating helpful content for potential customers.

Companies selling health and fitness products have the most content options, perhaps encouraging prospects not only to take the stairs but also commit to healthy living and purchasing relevant products.

But other businesses can connect their products to healthy habits, too.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Luggage brand. Create an article series for business travelers describing how to build good fitness habits on the road.
  • Kids’ clothing retailer. Publish a fitness guide for parents that lists entertaining games and activities for children while promoting the store’s products.
  • DIY materials shop. Produce articles or videos for projects encouraging healthy habits, such as building a home gym or an outdoor living space.

2. National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Jan. 14, 2024, will be a sort of mini-Halloween for pet owners. National Dress Up Your Pet Day can be a fun opportunity for “pet parents.”

An online shop selling power tools probably won’t benefit from an article featuring pictures of lizards dressed like princesses, but it might publish a funny post about construction site dogs dressed like their…

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