In eCommerce, customizing your marketing efforts to suit specific target audiences isn’t just an option. It’s a necessity. 

With AI’s computing power outpacing Murphy’s Law — which states that the transistors on a computer chip (a benchmark of computing power) would double every two years — eCommerce personalization is becoming a more viable strategy for an increasing number of vendors. 

This vast online frontier, with multiple channels, captivates online shoppers who thoroughly enjoy hunting for the best deals and exceptional products. A well-personalized eCommerce site can drive revenue by boosting customer satisfaction and skyrocketing personalized recommendations, ultimately elevating conversion rates. 

Let’s delve into the fascinating future of personalized online shopping.


The Most Noteworthy eCommerce Personalization Trends in 2023

Remember when Harley Davidson nearly bit the dust back in 1983? Its market shares plummeted from a whopping 78% to a meager 23%. 

What saved the company? Community. 

Fast-forward to 2023, and eCommerce businesses are still tapping into this timeless trend. By leveraging AI, automation, and customer data, online stores can promise a personalized shopping experience like never before.


1. AI Capabilities & Manual Controls 

With a global market size of $142.3 billion, artificial intelligence is shaping the customer experience in exciting ways. Ecommerce businesses gather colossal heaps of customers’ data, deciphering patterns and trends. 

This tech becomes the cornerstone of their personalization strategy, crafting relevant content and personalized deals.

But it’s not all AI. Manual controls continue to play their part. From email to social media, businesses tailor their branding across channels to resonate with customers’ interests. 

AI can also predict popular in-app purchases, offering personalized messaging that enhances the buyer’s journey. Remember the 2019 prediction that mobile ads will account for…

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