Sometimes, all it takes is one moment that can set your idea down the path of becoming a successful, sustainable business. The trick is to be ready when it comes around. 

Artem Kuzmichev and Richard Mabley joined the Shopify Masters team in-studio in Montreal to explain how they capitalized on their virality, and the steps they took behind the scenes after creating the most-watched product video in the history of Instagram. 

Artem and Richard are two of the seven co-founders of Transformer Table, an innovative company designing multipurpose furniture, such as versatile tables that can expand and retract. 

Ahead, discover Artem’s social media marketing strategies that earned them brand recognition and helped scale the company into a profitable business. 

How to drive up sales after going viral 

“This entire company basically started from a viral video that got five million views on Facebook in 2016 completely organically,” Artem says. After this surge in interest, the co-founders knew they had a great idea on their hands—and sales started pouring in. Here are five ways brands can capitalize on their own virality.

1. Create strategic and influential partnerships 

After the first viral video, Artem began working with influencers as a way to spread awareness about the brand. He sent influencer Racha Abdel Reda a Transformer Table in exchange for creating a video to share on her account. That video started gathering millions and millions of views in a matter of seconds. 

Rasha was the perfect representation of the type of customer the brand was hoping to obtain. “She was a luxury influencer, she had a family, and her audience wasn’t from the US or Canada, where we sold a lot,” Artem says. 

Most of Rasha’s audience was from places where Transformer Table didn’t have a lot of business yet, and it helped it expand their market globally. 

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5 Ways to Turn Viral Views into Real Customers (2023) 5 Ways to Turn Viral Views into Real Customers (2023) 5 Ways to Turn Viral Views into Real Customers (2023)

2. Be agile and ready to send…

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