We’ve all fallen victim to cluttered inboxes from time to time and your subscribers are no different. Some subscribers are bound to lose steam engaging with your emails. And when you work tirelessly to grow your email list, you’re probably wondering what you can do to bring these subscribers back into the fold. 

Don’t worry – all hope is not lost. In fact, it’s easier (and less expensive) to re-engage subscribers who already have an affinity for your brand than it is to win over brand new contacts. 

When it comes to re-engaging dormant subscribers, it’s important to get clear on who exactly those subscribers are. In Privy, we define unengaged contacts as contacts who haven’t opened or clicked an email from your brand in the last 90 days (excluding any contacts who’ve joined your list in the last 90 days). With a clear definition in mind, you now have some information to work with to tailor messages to these contacts.

Remember that these contacts have been receiving your emails for months but haven’t gotten past the first step of opening an email. Up until this point you’ve likely been sending them your latest product releases, information about sales, and other standard marketing campaigns. But to re-engage dormant contacts, you need to do something different. And that starts with grabbing their attention with an eye-catching subject line. 

Craft a winning subject line

When it comes to a winning formula for subject lines, there are a couple best practices to keep in mind especially when targeting an unengaged audience. 

The goal of any subject line is to inspire action. But with most subscribers checking email on mobile devices, lengthy subject lines run the risk of being cropped. To optimize your chances of getting your email opened, stick to the sweet spot of 6 to 10 words in your subject line (but the shorter, the better!). 

Along with keeping your subject clear and concise, try to personalize your subject line where you can. If you…

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