Marketing is often about experimentation and iteration.

Try offering free gifts instead of percentage discounts. Tinker with your customer segments. Write a subject line using nothing but emojis. See what works best—and do more of it.

But December definitely isn’t the time for playing. With Christmas approaching fast, you’ll want to lean back on tried-and-trusted strategies to maximize revenue generation at this critical time of year.

Even though the majority of ecommerce holiday shopping is over, customers are still open to offers throughout the end of the year. 

Audiences are particularly receptive to our messaging in December, which sees the second-highest email open rate of any month, at 21.81 percent. Only November—which, let’s not forget, includes BFCM—has a higher rate.

Hopefully, you already have a clear picture of what your December email marketing campaigns will look like. But if you’re still looking to finalize your plans, don’t worry, because I’ve taken another deep-dive into the Drip swipe file to round up seven of the best December newsletter ideas…


1. The Body Shop: Give BFCM One Final Push

As marketers, we’re often desperate for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be over. Months of planning, followed by the most intense working week of the year—and all the time you’re constantly terrified that your website will crash or your emails will accidentally promote last year’s offer.

It’s a wonder we keep coming back for more.

But evidence suggests that consumers don’t think the same. Take a quick peek at Google Trends and you’ll see there’s still some search interest around Black Friday and Cyber Monday after the events have passed:

1 image1-2

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So why not give them what they’re looking for by sending a BFCM followup email in early December? That’s precisely what The Body Shop did in my first December newsletter example:

2 image10

There are a couple advantages to this approach. 

Firstly, there’s a far…

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