From automation via chatbots to AI-powered shopping experiences, the eCommerce industry is poised for significant changes in the near future.

Emerging technologies are going to revolutionize the eCommerce industry in many ways. Customers are already enjoying engaging and personalized shopping experiences. Meanwhile, eCommerce businesses will likely see streamlined operations, reduced operational costs, and increased sales. 

But, of course, only the brands that identify and embrace these technologies will experience the benefits.

This article will take you through six emerging technologies in eCommerce. We’ll tell you how these technologies are shaping the eCommerce industry and share some examples of retailers already embracing the trends. Hopefully, this will help you make informed decisions to ensure your eCommerce business remains competitive.

Let’s dive right in.


1. Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Shopping Experiences

Giant eCommerce businesses like Amazon and Alibaba have long recognized the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). They have leveraged AI in different ways to ensure seamless operations and boost sales.

A report published by PR Newswire revealed that the AI-enabled eCommerce market size is expected to reach $36.46 billion by 2030.

AI in eCommerce uses machine learning to create a personalized experience for online shoppers. Machine learning is an element of AI that can study your buyers’ shopping history and predict their shopping patterns. It then recommends relevant products they may need when visiting your eCommerce website.

This very technology will also revolutionize paid campaigns. You see, data is fuel for AI. The more data your AI has access to, the more it understands your customers. Combine this with automation, and you can run effective campaigns on autopilot. 

We’re already seeing software companies benefit hugely from this. Effective SaaS marketing strategies leverage data, AI, and automation to qualify,…

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