Remember when being a “creator” was a laughable teen pastime?

a creator learning tips to survive the creator economy

Now, consumers are largely trusting influencers over brands, creators are taking over brand marketing teams, and the industry is only growing bigger.

In 2023, we’ve seen the so-called Creator Economy grow to 50 million creators globally, with a market size of $250 billion. By 2027, this number is expected to reach $480 billion.

Perhaps most telling, there are now kids’ summer camps dedicated to content creation.

But with great opportunity also comes drawbacks: The market is saturated, and AI makes it easier than ever for anyone to become a creator — which means it truly takes a special case to be sustainable and profitable.

“Successful creators will be those who generate unique insight, can talk about unique experiences, and are able to truly build trust,” says Jay Clouse, founder of Creator Science.

We got the insider scoop from Jay and several other successful creators, and narrowed their advice down to seven key tips. Read on to make 2024 the year you make it big.

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Creators’ Tips for Surviving the Creator Economy in 2024 

1. Know your way around platforms.

Jay Clouse says that the best content strategy leverages both discovery and relationship platforms. Here’s a breakdown of what he means:

  • Discovery platform: Generally refers to social media, but also includes search-based platforms like Google and YouTube. These platforms have a built-in mechanism for connecting new viewers with your content.
  • Relationship platform: Focuses on distribution that YOU own and control. If someone opts into hearing from you on a relationship platform (i.e. a newsletter), you receive direct contact information for them, and your messages are reliably delivered there – there’s no algorithm deciding whether they see your content or not.

It’s generally a good idea to focus on a few discovery platforms, and one or two relationship platforms,…

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