With almost two billion users, Instagram is a social media platform that eCommerce businesses can’t afford to ignore. It’s not just the platform’s reach that makes it a vital marketing platform. Its features, such as Shoppable posts and Instagram Live, allow you to promote your products easily and interact with potential customers. Used the right way, Instagram can propel your business to success.

But the Instagram platform is constantly evolving; new features are being added as quickly as they’re being scrapped. That said, it’s essential to keep an eye on Instagram statistics and trends to stay ahead of the competition.  

The following statistics provide valuable insights into Instagram, one of the three most significant social media platforms, and how it can shape your Instagram marketing strategy. 


1. General Instagram Statistics

Before diving into more granular social media data, let’s establish some important facts about Instagram. Below are some general statistics you should know about the platform.

Instagram is the 4th most active social media platform. 

Approximately 1.318 billion Instagram users were active in January 2023, behind WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook. However, its active user rate steadily declined over the past three months. Due to Instagram’s 13+ age limit, its eligible user rate is likely higher than reported.

Instagram is the 5th most visited website globally. 

Instagram gets over 6 billion visits per month, with visitors spending at least eight minutes on the website. Although this puts it behind platforms like Facebook, the number is still impressive, allowing you to reach millions. 


2. Instagram User Statistics

As Instagram usage has grown over the years, you must understand how people perceive and utilize the platform. The following trends provide a snapshot of Instagram user statistics.

India and the United States have the highest global user base.

Instagram has a global audience with roughly half — 893…

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