7 Steps To Diversify Your Income Through A Side Hustle

I want to begin with this compelling statistic: Nearly 40% of Americans performed freelance or had a side hustle in 2022. That’s up nearly 10% from 2021, and a third of them make freelance their full-time work. Among millennials, the statistics continued to rise to 50%. 

Increasingly, individuals are finding innovative ways to earn supplemental incomes and monetize their passions. Some are diving into these ventures as hobbies, while others are carving out lucrative careers solely from what used to be their “side hustle.” The landscape is ever-evolving, with side hustles not only serving as income generators but also platforms for exploring passions and skills beyond one’s primary profession. A side hustle, in essence, is something you do “on the side,” designed to supplement your primary income.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, “What does this have to do with physicians?”


The Changing Landscape of Medicine

Let’s face it, medicine as we know is changing. The old way of life as a physician no longer holds. The traditional path seemed straightforward: work hard, go to school, start a practice, garner the respect and admiration of your community, feel perpetually…

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