If you’re selling creams, serums, soaps, or other skin and hair care products online, having a killer skin care branding and marketing plan is one of the highest-impact ways you can increase sales and get your products out there.

Successful marketing plans can include campaigns on social media, working with influencers, and creating content—and we’ll get to that!—but it starts with the foundations of your company. That means your brand, your product descriptions, and how you differentiate yourself from competitors.

Knowing your business’ unique voice and who you’re selling to are the first steps in figuring out how to market your brand. Every skin care brand is different in how it chooses its customers, its look, and its selection of products.

That said, there are shared traits across skin care companies, and it’s worth examining the most meaningful similarities to ask: What should a product page look like? What details do customers want highlighted? How do customers discover their next favorite product?

In this overview, we’ll dive into skin care marketing strategy, skin care promotion ideas, skin care advertising and more.

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How to market skin care products online

  1. Understand your skin care brand, your competitors, and your target market
  2. Write killer skin care product descriptions
  3. Take advantage of social media marketing
  4. Work with skin care influencers
  5. Invest in content marketing
  6. Pay attention to skin care SEO
  7. Dive into SMS marketing

Even businesses with an amazing product can struggle to make sales if their marketing strategy isn’t on point.

This is an overview of different types of marketing you can employ to get eyeballs on your skin care products.

1. Understand your skin care brand, your competitors, and your target market

Deciding what exactly your brand is and who’s going to be purchasing it is step one of your marketing. You can’t tell potential customers what to…

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