Advertising puts your business in front of its target audience, influencing them to buy the product or service you’re promoting.

While most platforms charge entrepreneurs to reach their audience, it’s possible to get free advertising for your business. Tactics like word-of-mouth campaigns, online directory listings, and email newsletters make it possible to reach potential customers without spending a dollar.

Unsure of where to start? These eight free advertising sites can spread the word about your business to get the ball rolling.

What is free advertising?

Free advertising is what you think it is—a strategy to help your small business get in front of your audience. You can reach your audience by using online directories, guest blogging, and word-of-mouth campaigns—all without spending a dollar on advertising.

Free online advertising strategies help entrepreneurs combat rising advertising costs. Studies show the cost per click (CPC) for paid search ads increased by 15% between the second and third quarters of 2021 alone. Alternative (free) channels to reach your customers don’t force your business to compete in an expensive race to the bottom.

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1. is another website entrepreneurs can use to advertise their products and services for free. It’s popular in the US, India, and the UAE, amassing 580,000 visitors per month.

For free business listings on, choose the thing you’re selling, choose a subcategory, and add basic details such as the price, location, and ad title. Then, select when you want the listing to expire.’s list of gaming advertisements.’s gaming subcategory shows hundreds of people advertising gaming-related products. 

2. Locanto

Boasting 1.9 million monthly visitors, Locanto is a free advertising website for small businesses to sell anything from arts and crafts to electronics. Reach people in your local area by posting a free…

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