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A content creator things about the many gifts on her wish list, such as headphones, a calendar, and a microphone.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably still racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. And if your favorite person is a content creator, you may be even more confused about what to get them.

Fortunately, I’m a seasoned content creator plus an expert gift-giver, and — with the help of a few other knowledgable creators — I crafted this list of gifts to consider for the creative in your life.Download Now: 150+ Content Creation Templates [Free Kit]

So, whether you want to spoil a friend or treat yourself, here are some items on almost every content creator’s wish list.

1. Planner or Calendar 

2. High-quality microphone or Mic Accessories


4. Ring Light

5. Personalized Workplace Decor

6. Online Course or Workshop Subscription from Their Favorite Influencer

7. Subscription to their Favorite Software or Platforms

8. Gift Cards

8 Gifts for Content Creators

1. Planner or Calendar

Content creators have a lot on their plate. For example, I must plan and conduct interviews for my podcast and YouTube channel, schedule social media posts, handle research, and meet deadlines.

While there are plenty of digital content management tools and platforms out there to manage these tasks, I’ve found it doesn’t hurt creators to have a physical calendar or planner on hand to keep organized.

“It’s a bit old school but still a great way to stay on top of projects,” says Lisa De La Cruz of the website and podcast The Wonder of Anime. “You can write your monthly, weekly, or daily to-dos down and complete them.”

“The act of physically writing something down also aids in memory retention, so things aren’t slipping through the cracks,” she explains.

And I agree.


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