Magento is mainly used for developing eCommerce websites. It is an incredible platform with maximum benefits for developers to develop robust online stores.

However, building a modern eCommerce website can be much easier if developers use Magento developers tools. These development tools help Magento developers to easily create dynamic websites, especially for freshers.

As we mentioned this platform has maximum benefits, but to leverage them, using the right Magento development tool is essential. To stand out from competitors, your eCommerce site will need bountiful resources, it will require something extra than just designing and coding.

Here, we have gathered some of the top Magento development tools that can be helpful for you while developing a feature-rich eCommerce site. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Magento- Quick Overview

Magento is an eCommerce framework that is written using PHP which was developed by Adobe in the year of 2018, but it was originally made by a US organization, Varien INC.

If you want to set up an eCommerce site, Magento can be the best alternative for it. There are more than 2,40,000 eCommerce stores created using Magento.

There are more than $155 billion in transactions made through the Magento framework yearly. Magento also provides two different platforms- Magento Commerce and Magento open-source platforms.

Magento Commerce

This platform- Magento Commerce is made to handle enterprise businesses with complex support. In other words, Magento Commerce is the advanced version of Magento Open Source.

Both of them have almost similar core files, but it’s not accessible for developers and merchants.
But it has additional advanced features than Magento open source that too at reasonable rates. Hence, it’s a beneficial platform for developing eCommerce websites. Sometimes managing a store can be challenging but its installation is easy.

Magento Open Source

This Magento tool has an open-source eCommerce framework which is called…

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