Product research is an important part of running a successful Shopify store because the process helps you understand your customer’s needs.

This article is a collection of practical product research for Shopify tips from our product research category.

Before we start, remember that these tips can work for anyone, beginner or pro, and Shopify, Amazon, dropshipping, or general ecommerce businesses.

Therefore, experiment, continue using the tips that work for you, then rinse and repeat with other ideas until you have an effective system that works for you.

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8 Practical product research tips for Shopify

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1. Niche down

We have previously discussed the ins and outs of starting a niche store and the five main advantages of doing so.

Advantages of starting an online niche store

As the article above mentions, defining your niche helps you go with products you feel passionate about, which can often be the secret to finding a winning product(s).

Here is a simplified version of a process you can use to research, define, and narrow down to niche products:

  • Check market saturation. Is the market saturated with other look-alike products?
  • Check whether demand for your potential product is high enough.
  • You can also define or choose a niche product based on the problem you want to solve or the market need(s) you want to fulfill.

We have previously discussed how to find out if a niche could be profitable and how to find the best niches.

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The important thing to remember about finding winning niche products is that defining your ideal target market is the secret to effective marketing.

If you get this part right, you’ll be well on your way to product research success.

2. Determine your customer’s lifetime value and map out a customer lifecycle

Customer lifetime value is the sum of money a customer spends with a business throughout the business…

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