Today I will go through the 10 import-export modules that covers product, categories, customers, order, discount, affiliate, etc. I will try to write down the functionalities of these OpenCart extensions so that you have a clear idea of when and where these modules need to integrate into your website.

TMD develops most of the import-export modules for the product, category, review, customer, order information, user, discount coupons, etc which can help store owners get their work done faster so that their sole focus should be on improving sales rather than managing the inventory of the online e-commerce website.


Opencart – Category Export/Import (Multilanguage) module lets the admin import the category information in the OpenCart store. It is available at a $19.00 price. is designed for OpenCart versions 1.5.x to If you offer a website in multi-language, then you must select the language before importing the category file, as category data will be imported into that language only.

It also offers the category export option. You can export all categories at once, or a few, depending on the requirement. The export file can be used for further processing or you can make changes, update, add new categories and then import this file again.

It will update the existing categories and add new categories with new records.

Here are key Features:

  1. Multiple File Formats: Supports XLS, CSV, and XLSX formats for easy opening and editing.
  2. Multilanguage Support: Allows importing or exporting categories in the selected language of a multilingual website.
  3. Store-Specific Import/Export: Enables category management for specific stores in a multi-store setup.
  4. Sample Import File: Provides a template for correctly formatting the import file.
  5. Flexible Export Options: Admins can export categories based on store, language, and other criteria.
  6. Special Features: Includes updating categories from older to newer OpenCart versions and exporting all categories…

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