The more contacts you have, the more revenue you’ll bring in with every email and text you send.

That’s why list growth needs to be a constant priority, but the next few months leading up to BFCM are especially important.

And these 9 tried-and-true tactics are proven to work.

Because list growth is the #1 thing you can be doing today to prep for Black Friday.

From popups, to giveaways, and so much more, you’ll be bringing in additional email and SMS subscribers ASAP.

So you can promote your BFCM offers to more people than ever before. And have your biggest holiday season ever.

1. Lean in to popups

Obviously you should always have popups running on your site. But the incentive really matters.

Check out this example I came across in Harry Dry’s Newsletter:

List growth popup examples from Harry Dry's Newsletter

I don’t know about you, but I know which I’m subscribing to!

So every time you’re coming up with an offer to convert visitors into subscribers, ask yourself: what’s in it for them? And make it hard to turn that thing down.

Heading into BFCM, a great way to encourage people to get on your lists is to tease your offers early (just another reason to lock in your offer sooner rather than later).

Something like, “Don’t miss out on our biggest sale of the year,” goes a long way. Here’s a great example (made with Privy!) from jewelry brand, Mejuri:

Mejuri  Early Access Popup Example

Gamified popups, like this spin to win (made with Privy!), are also a really great way to get tons of signups:

Define Me Greek Early Access BFCM Popup Example

Looking for more BFCM popup examples? We have a massive swipe file with 60+ popup ideas (plus email and text ideas, too!).

Just remember that it’s really important to make sure the experience is great. Make sure you don’t have too many things competing for attention! Popups, chat windows, etc. are super important. Just make sure the experience for visitors isn’t overwhelming.

Tabs are a great way to allow your visitors to trigger your popup themselves….

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