Are you looking for a complete eCommerce launch checklist to ensure a successful takeoff of your online business?

Starting an eCommerce store can be overwhelming. As a new store owner, you may overlook critical aspects that can impact your store’s long-term growth.

A well-structured checklist can help you stay organized and focused on essential tasks. It ensures that nothing important is missed, leading to a more efficient and effective launch process.

In this article, we’ll share a straightforward and easy-to-follow eCommerce launch checklist. By following these 16 crucial steps, you can confidently launch your online store and ensure it’s set up for success.

1. Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

Start by picking the right platform to host your storefront.

The key is to assess the needs of your business and customers thoroughly and then base your selection on those needs.

Some of the best eCommerce platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Wix. To pick the right one for your business, consider the following:

  • Business Scale: Consider your business scale when choosing an eCommerce platform. Shopify or BigCommerce are ideal choices for large businesses, offering robust features and scalability. For smaller businesses, WooCommerce provides all the essential functionalities you need to thrive.
  • App Integrations: Not all platforms offer the same level of app/plugin support. Ensure your ideal platform supports the plugins you need.
  • User-friendly Interface: When it comes to ease of use, Shopify outshines Magento with its more intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. Choosing a user-friendly platform reduces the usability hurdles you might encounter when setting up and managing your eCommerce store.
  • Product and Order Management: Your eCommerce platform will manage your products and orders. Pick a platform with efficient product and order management systems.
  • Costs: Consider the costs of your chosen platform in advance to ensure it fits…

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