A Detailed Shopify Plus Pricing Review

The across-the-board digitalization and the outburst of the global pandemic are the two primary factors that conditioned the exponential growth of ecommerce, turning the already promising realm into a booming business field. Today, over 20% of global retail sales occur online, which is likely to increase within the foreseeable future. Naturally, astute entrepreneurs want to jump on this train and launch their ecommerce websites by the dozen. 

Shopify is the most popular platform for building e-stores, accounting for over 3.7 million ecommerce websites globally (including behemoths like Sony, Unilever, Tesla, and many others) and owning almost a third of the market share in the US.

One of the reasons that makes the platform so attractive for budding actors in the niche is a flexible and affordable pricing system, which – coupled with essential feature enhancements – has become even more entrepreneur-friendly with the advent of Shopify Plus. 

Shopify Plus vs Shopify: Upgrades That Matter

Having profound expertise in Shopify Plus development, we would like to highlight the following characteristics that give Shopify Plus the edge over the lower-end versions.

Access to merchant success program

The company enables users to get in touch with merchant success managers who will assist them in the setup process, promptly forward technical complaints to experts in the field, suggest relevant tools for streamlining their workflow, and provide continuous support.

Access to Shopify Plus Academy 

This educational resource allows merchants to tweak their store design, enhance their marketing competencies, step up social commerce efforts, optimize site speed, and more.

In-depth checkout control

Thanks to the available checkout extensibility, Shopify Plus enables customization of the UI and content of your checkout pages. In this way, shop owners can minimize cart abandonment and encourage shoppers to complete the purchase.

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