As a merchant, you’d like to get as many visitors as possible to your store, and to achieve this; you put expensive search engines and social media experts to work and spend much money on online advertising. Such choices are logical because search engine optimization is ‘the key’ and social media is ‘extremely hot.’ But investing in attracting visitors to your store without looking at why they leave that same store is an error. Especially since research has shown that approx, based on the Pareto principle, 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers; therefore, in this article, we will explain what an abandoned shopping cart is, common scenarios you can face, and tips to minimize it.

The Abandoned Shopping Cart

You put everything to get consumers to your store. But do you also put the same effort into preventing visitors from leaving your shop? Often this is not the case, which is a shame. In 70% of the cases, customers leave the shop without having made a purchase. In addition, many merchants feel or think “there is nothing they can do about that.” But there may be numerous reasons besides ‘no interest’ why consumers leave the shop. For example, because something intervened or consumers still need more information to purchase. 

Let’s look at the main reasons you face an abandoned shopping cart! 

The Visitor is Still In the Orientation Phase

Imagine that I want to buy a PlayStation 4 or a Wii. Or the X-Box? Many consumers have such questions when they think about buying a particular product. Therefore they search online for reviews, talk with one another on forums and look at product videos on YouTube. Consumers could also ask a staff member questions in physical stores, but this seems less evident on the Internet. That’s why you can consider that customers need more time to be ready to buy. Consider highlighting product reviews and demos for this customer segment. That way, they can understand…

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