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When customers place online orders, they expect brands to inform them about the shipment; it’s no different when businesses place an order with one of their suppliers.

When an incoming shipment of inventory is on its way, businesses need access to relevant information on how it needs to be handled when it arrives at their warehouse. 

But if an order is shipped with no prior notice, your team may not be prepared to handle this latest shipment. This increases the time it takes to receive inventory and get it unpacked, scanned into inventory, and stored in the correct picking zone. In turn, this can cause serious delays in fulfilling customer orders.

How is the above scenario avoided? Through advanced shipping notices (ASNs).

We’re going to break down what an advanced shipping notice is, how it works, and how the Whiplash platform makes managing ship notices a breeze.

What is an advanced shipping notice (ASN)?

An advanced shipping notice (ASN) also known as advanced shipping notifications or simply as ship notices, is a physical or electronic document sent by a supplier or manufacturer to the business receiving a shipment.

An advance ship notice provides the recipient with detailed information on upcoming deliveries. This includes item details, the exact quantity of merchandise, delivery dates, and any other information needed to allow for sufficient planning to receive the order.

The purpose of advanced shipping notices is to ensure that a business’s inventory systems are synced correctly and are otherwise ready when a shipment arrives. A ship notice can be sent using a variety of formats such as via the traditional EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange), extensible markup language (XML), or via a warehouse management system (WMS).

What does an advanced shipping notice contain?

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