Consumers are looking for a smooth, personalized online shopping experience that helps them find the right solution to what they need or want.

Additionally, they want the experience and connection you can get with an in-person sales experience without implementing pressured sales tactics.

This is where guided selling can help. AI-guided selling is the future of sales, and it can help brands connect with customers, drive conversions, and build long-lasting customer relationships.

In this guide, we’ll review what guided selling is, the underlying methodology, how it helps sales improve win rates, and much more.   

Understanding Guided Selling for Online Shopping

Guided selling brings the advantages of in-person shopping to the online experience. Just as a store salesperson would offer tailored advice, online guided selling provides personalized recommendations to help shoppers make informed decisions.

By answering specific questions about their needs, site visitors receive real-time product suggestions. This is possible because of the underlying AI tool that merges detailed product information with insights on shopper behavior. As a result, consumers get the most suitable product options when deciding what to buy.

Focusing on consumer needs

According to Salesforce’s 2020 State of the Connected Customer, 66% of customers expect brands to understand their expectations and needs. Guided selling helps meet that demand by providing a personalized experience that gives consumers options tailored to what they’re looking for. Focusing on what they want increases the chance of the customer making a purchase.

Selling on value, rather than price

The suggestions should focus on choices that provide value to the customer and best meet their expectations instead of focusing on price. This approach will help the consumer feel heard and provide them with a smoother online shopping experience. And it ensures your product isn’t seen as purely a commodity purchase.


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