AI in Medicine: A Modern Solution to Physician Burnout

Medicine, artificial intelligence, and physician burnout, the medical landscape has advanced significantly in forming a solution to a longstanding problem in the healthcare industry.

How exactly are doctors using AI, and what impact does it have on the healthcare industry? Let’s dive into a modern solution that may change the medical landscape for the better.

How Doctors Are Using AI

AI has been active in hospitals lately, in fact, In an interview from CNBC, Dr. Tra’chella Johnson Foy at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida, shares how they harness the power of AI to streamline their day and reduce administrative tasks. 

One example is that instead of manually typing out notes during patient visits, Dr. Foy uses the DAX app from Microsoft’s Nuance division. This AI-powered tool listens in on patient visits, transcribing conversations in real time. 

This eliminates the need for manual note-taking so doctors can focus more on their patients, leading to more personalized care —and easing their risk for burnout.

Pretty amazing, right? You can watch the full interview here.

AI technology is promising but we are reminded to do our due diligence when dealing with these tools. It is still in its learning stages and there’s a lot…

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