E-commerce giant Amazon has adopted artificial intelligence (AI) to provide customers with review highlights and remove fake online reviews.

The new feature  generates a short paragraph that summarises the product features and customer sentiments to help potential buyers decide. 

Customers may also tap certain criteria such as ease of use, stability, and performance to know the specifications of the product in terms of these selections.

In addition, the feature allows customers to filter clothing reviews and only show those for the chosen height and weight.

Similarly, Amazon asks customers to disclose the age of the reader when submitting a review for children’s books.

The AI technology also analyses a review using certain indicators, to know whether it is a legitimate or a fake review.

If Amazon is confident that the review is fake, it will immediately block or remove the review. 

If necessary, the company may take further action, such as blocking the bad actor’s account, revoking the customer’s review permissions, and even filing a lawsuit against the parties involved.

Amazon noted that in last year alone, 125 million customers contributed 1.5 billion reviews and ratings to stores using the e-commerce platform. During that year, the company found 200 million fake reviews in its stores worldwide.

“Not only do millions of customers count on the authenticity of reviews on Amazon for purchase decisions, but millions of brands and businesses count on us to accurately identify fake reviews and stop them from ever reaching their customers,” said Josh Meek, senior data science manager on Amazon’s fraud abuse and prevention team.

“We work hard to responsibly monitor and enforce our policies to ensure reviews reflect the views of real customers, and protect honest sellers who rely on us…

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