Any ecommerce marketer worth their salt knows that an eye-catching, intuitive, and informative product detail page (PDP) is a surefire way to effectively frame a brand’s offerings for customers. Thankfully, Amazon offers a variety of tools to help your brand develop these types of enhanced shopping experiences on its platform.

Amazon’s “The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Brand in Amazon’s store” suggests that brands that leverage Amazon’s A+ content (also known more generally as enhanced content) on Amazon PDPs can encourage repeat purchases and increase sales by an average of 5%.

Enhanced content empowers brands to optimize the ways in which they showcase their products, highlight their stories, and provide shoppers with the content and information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Intrigued? Read on for an overview of the benefits of this type of content — and Amazon best practices for bringing your PDPs to the next level.

What Is A+ Content? 

A+ content refers to a group of supplemental tools and features that Amazon offers brands, allowing you to strengthen your voice on its platform. This includes a diverse set of modules and layouts for content creation, product comparison charts, and more.

Some of the particularly impressive features include:

  • The use of multiple HD-quality videos; 
  • Interactive hover hotspot modules; 
  • A customer question and answer (Q&A) widget; and 
  • Integration with Amazon’s Alexa system.

The platform’s “brand story feature” also provides ways to share your brand’s story independently from its individual product pages. 

With Amazon’s A+ content offerings, your creative team will find no shortage of ways to bring your brand’s creative touch to your pages — and potential customers will take notice.

Key Benefits of A+ Content

While keeping your customers happy is always valuable, they certainly aren’t the only parties to benefit from the innovative use of enhanced content tools.


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