Amazon Hopes Fit Insights Tool Will Reduce Returns

Amazon is giving fashion brands access to a tool to help customers determine the fit of apparel and shoes in an effort to reduce returns. The Fit Insights tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help meet customer sizing expectations, Amazon said.

However, a couple of sellers said customers lie about apparel not fitting in order to get free returns.

One seller responding to Amazon’s announcement wrote in part, “And before you smear this “technology” all over your website, is your AI smart enough to figure out which “wrong size/inaccurate website info” returns are customers that are simply looking for free returns?”

Another seller agreed with that premise, writing, “Laughable! 90% of customers LIE about their product not fitting just to get a FREE return!. I sell one size fits all stretchy winter caps for adults and EVERY TIME it is returned they say doesn’t fit! You are training your algorithm based on lies!!!”

In its announcement, Amazon said the Fit Insights tool analyzes returns data, size charts, and customer feedback on fit, quality, and price to recommend improvements to brands’ size charts and product listings and said it offers the following benefits:

  • Products categorized by return health, from very poor to excellent, so you can quickly identify listings that need to be updated.
  • A comparison of your product return rate against an average benchmark of best-in-class products in a similar price and style with low returns.
  • A summary of customer insights based on positive and negative customer feedback.
  • Analysis of your size charts with recommendations on how to resolve size chart issues and meet customer sizing expectations.

Fit Insights is only available to apparel and shoe brands enrolled under Amazon Brand Registry, with at least 100 units sold in the last 12 months.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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