Page Views. This metric counts the number of visits- including repeat visits- your listing received in the chosen time frame. The higher it is, the higher your rankings and your chances of selling. But if it’s too high for the number of orders you receive, it could indicate that you need to optimize the listing.

Session Percentage. This is the percentage of times a customer buys a product after viewing your offer. However many times they visit the page and however many units in their order, sessions and purchases only count once. Think of it as your conversion rate- an indicator of how competitive your offer is. If it’s under 10%, people are put off by the price, description, features, or some other listing issue.

Unit Session Percentage. Unit Session Percentage Rate counts total units sold from the total number of sessions. It’s essentially a per-unit conversion rate. As it includes mobile conversions, you should aim for a USP of 10%-15%. A low USP means that not many visitors go through with an order, so consider offering coupons that buyers can clip when they compare items and budgets in their cart.

Featured Offer Percentage. Also known as Buy Box Percentage or Buy Box Wins, it shows the number of times you owned the Buy Box when customers viewed your active listing, divided by the total number of page visits over a given time. It shows how good you are at winning the Buy Box when it matters most.

As explained in the tutorial below, the number of page views and sessions your listing attracts can indicate not only how relevant or convincing your offer is, but also whether your product is more suitable for a different fulfillment method.

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