Amazon to Waive New Inbound Fee for Global Logistics Merchants

Amazon will charge sellers who use its FBA fulfillment services a new “inbound placement service fee” when shipping inventory to its US warehouses next year, it announced on Tuesday. But sellers in China who use Amazon Global Logistics (AGL) to send inventory may not have to pay the new fee.

Amazon told sellers who use AGL:

“Shipping to one of our Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD) warehouses (if you opt for auto-replenishment) will not be subject to FBA inbound placement service fees. Using AGL to access AWD facilities will also enable you to access exclusive lower fees**. Starting March 1, 2024, storage fees will be $0.36/ft3/month (25% lower than the current base rate), your processing fees will be $2.13/box (15% lower than the current base rate), and your transportation fees for replenishment to Amazon FCs will be $0.85/ft3 (15% lower than the current base rate).”

Amazon Global Logistics (AGL) is now one of the largest Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers on China-to-US routes, Amazon said.

Sellers of large bulky (Non-Sortable) goods who use AGL to manage and optimize placement will not be subject to FBA inbound placement service fees.

Sellers of standard size goods (Sortable) who don’t use AWD will have to pay the inbound placement service fee when it takes effect on March 1, 2024, but Amazon said it was working to build a new shipping service that will manage placement on behalf of AGL customers, with no FBA inbound placement service fees.

View our coverage of Amazon’s 2024 fee changes, including the new inbound placement service fee, on this December 5th EcommerceBytes blog post.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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