The leftovers have been devoured and another Cyber Monday is in the books, as the 2023 holiday shopping season is now fully underway. To help marketers unpack performance during the critical stretch from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, we dove deep into the more than $4 billion in annual ad spend under management at Tinuiti to surface key trends on the biggest digital marketing platforms.

The charts and paragraphs below highlight some of the key insights we uncovered.

This post was coauthored by Andy Taylor and Mark Ballard.


Cyber Five Sales Growth for Google Search Ads Peaks Over the Weekend as Consumers Spread Out Their Purchases


Over the Cyber Five period covering the five days from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, growth in retailer sales produced by Google search ads was strongest over the weekend before cooling off a bit on Monday.



Google search sales were up 9% year over year over the first half of November 2023 and 7% during the seven days before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving itself, sales growth jumped to 12% on a 13% increase in order volume. Sales growth dipped to 11% year over year on Black Friday, before jumping to 18% on Saturday and 14% on Sunday.

A year earlier, Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw the strongest sales growth rates over Cyber Week, leading to particularly strong comps this year. Consumers may also be more inclined to spread their purchases out over this period given that many brands offer their strongest promotions over the entire Cyber Five, if not beyond.


Google Search Ad Average Order Values Flat Over Cyber Five as Official Measures of Inflation Have Cooled



After growing by double digits over Cyber Week in 2021, the average value of an order produced by Google search ads grew at about half those rates a year later. In 2023, average order value was down more days than it increased, although it was roughly flat over the entire Cyber Five.

In recent years, Google average order value (AOV) growth…

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