Are you wondering if Upwork can be used for dropshipping?

Upwork, the closest competitor to Fiverr, is loved by many because it gives businesses direct access to the best talent in the world in almost any niche.

It’s easy and effective, both for businesses and freelancers.

But does that apply to using Upwork for dropshipping?

In this article, we will discuss that and much more. We will review the pros and cons of using Upwork for dropshipping, how to get started, avoid scams, and more.

Before we go into that, let’s quickly discuss what Upwork is!

What is Upwork?

Home page of Upwork

Upwork is an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers who provide services in their areas of expertise.

For example, a freelancer specializing in design can list their services on Upwork. As a dropshipper, you can hire them for your design needs.

Upwork freelancers work in 12 industry verticals with over 10,000 available skill sets.

That’s quite impressive!

The growth of Upwork since its launch in 2013 is remarkable, especially considering it entered the market three years after its main competitor, Fiverr.

It’s crazy how big they’ve grown; even Google Trends proves their popularity.

Google trends view of Upwork

As you can see, the popularity of Upwork has only increased after its launch.

Can you use Upwork for dropshipping?

So, the question of the article: can you use Upwork for dropshipping?

Yes, it’s definitely possible!

When you search for ‘Dropshipping’ on Upwork, you’ll find hundreds of solid freelancers who can help you with different dropshipping-related tasks:

Searching dropshipping on Upwork

However, the thing is, you shouldn’t solely rely on Upwork for the entire dropshipping process.

While it’s technically possible, we don’t recommend it.

The reason is that many freelancers on Upwork specialize in specific areas.

So, if you hire someone to handle everything from product selection to supplier sourcing, store creation, and advertising, the results…

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