According to Grand View Research reports, the global online tutoring services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2022 to 2030, reaching $23.73 billion by 2030. This signifies a remarkable surge in the demand for online tutoring services, underscoring the lucrative prospect of establishing an online tutoring business.

However, a successful online tutoring business requires insights into the different types of business models prevailing in the industry. Consequently, it becomes essential to understand them if you are planning to launch your online tutoring platform. In this blog, let us explore the different types of business models for online tutoring businesses, their benefits and challenges, along with key players.

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Types of Online Tutoring Business Models

In order to start a successful online tutoring business, the first crucial step is to determine the right business model. Here, let’s gain in-depth information about some of the popular online tutoring business models.

One-to-One Tutoring Business Model

The one-to-one tutoring business model includes a private tutor that connects with a learner in a personalized learning environment through an online platform. The learners register on a tutoring platform, search for the tutors as per their requirements, and book the tutor by paying a fee. Learners attend one-to-one personalized sessions with tutors via video conferencing tools. The admin charges a certain percentage of the commission fee from tutors after the successful completion of the sessions and releases the revenue of the tutor.


  • High demand for platforms offering one-to-one tutoring services
  • Tutors can easily expand their offline tutoring business and reach a larger audience base


  • This industry can turn out to be competitive, but with the right strategy and feature-rich software you can get an edge

Key Players

Popular one-on-one online coaching platforms that work on a similar business model…

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