The internet and ecommerce have fundamentally changed how most people shop, and digital marketing for ecommerce continues to evolve. 

Salsify found in its “2023 Consumer Research” report that 54% of global consumers changed their shopping habits compared to their pre-pandemic behavior.

Sixty-eight percent reported that they were shopping online more often than before. 

This shift underscores the importance of retaining familiarity with digital marketing best practices, especially when it comes to creating a digital marketing strategy for ecommerce.

Digital Marketing for Ecommerce: Two Peas in an Online Pod

When selling products via digital channels, it makes sense to take advantage of digital techniques to raise awareness of your brand and, ultimately, drive sales.

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing in ecommerce is about more than just selling products online. It’s about curating, personalizing, and consistently providing a seamless journey for your customers, from awareness to purchase. 

And as the customer journey increasingly takes place along the digital shelf, effective digital marketing strategies will make the difference between getting lost in the noise and standing out from the crowd. 

These omnichannel campaigns — bridged across various digital platforms — play a crucial role in driving traffic to product pages and ecommerce portals. They can increase brand visibility in a crowded online marketplace, attract new customers, and even retain existing ones. 

5 Ways To Incorporate Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce 

Here are five different types of digital marketing campaigns and what roles they might play in an effective digital marketing strategy.

1. Paid Advertising Campaigns Reach a Larger Audience

These campaigns include mainstays like pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, and retargeting, empowering brands to promote their products throughout various digital platforms and (ideally) reach a larger audience.

Much like…

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