In the dynamic world of ecommerce, the integration of efficient product information management systems (PIMs) with leading platforms like Shopify is a game-changer for businesses.

This interview delves into the groundbreaking journey of Gepard PIM’s integration with Shopify, a significant stride in simplifying content management for ecommerce merchants. I explore all of that and more with Gepard PIM’s CEO, Sergii Shvets.

Interview with Gepard PIM’s CEO, Sergii Shvets

Can you share your impressions about this achievement and what it means for Gepard and its customers? 

This achievement is a collaborative effort that highlights our commitment to serving the Shopify community. By joining the Shopify App Store, we aim to simplify content management for our customers, enhancing their ecommerce experience. Our focus remains on understanding and addressing the unique needs of each Shopify merchant.

Being listed on the Shopify App Store is a significant milestone. How does this partnership with Shopify align with Gepard PIM’s long-term goals and vision for helping ecommerce businesses?

Partnering with Shopify aligns perfectly with our goal to empower ecommerce businesses with efficient product information management tools. It enables us to provide these tools to a wider audience, thereby helping Shopify merchants streamline their operations and better meet customer expectations.

Could you share some key features or benefits of Gepard PIM that make it particularly attractive to Shopify merchants? 

Gepard PIM is designed to simplify product data management for Shopify merchants. Our solution offers enhanced data quality, localization capabilities, and a centralized content management system. These features are tailored to meet the evolving needs of Shopify’s diverse merchant base.

Integration and compatibility are critical for ecommerce businesses. How seamless is the integration of Gepard PIM with Shopify, and what can merchants expect when they choose to use your…

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