eBay Rolls Out 'Simpler' Way to List Trading Cards on Mobile

eBay said Thursday it was working on a “simplified mobile listing experience” for sports trading cards, which is one of eBay’s priority “focus categories” where it invests resources in the hope of attracting enthusiast buyers who’ll then go on to make purchases in other categories.

“We’re currently rolling out a new listing flow in the eBay App, specifically for sports trading cards listed in the Trading Cards Singles category. Select sellers will be automatically opted-in to the new listing flow.

“We welcome your feedback and will take it into consideration to improve the listing experience. You can leave feedback in a comment below or via our survey during the listing process. We’ll update you as we expand eligibility and participation in the new listing flow. As always, thank you for selling on eBay.”

Sellers discussed their preferences. Some favored listing on desktop rather than the app, with one seller explaining how they used three monitors with a mounted camera to make the listing process speedier:

“When I list cards it is on PC with 3 monitors and a mounted document camera. Camera on one monitor, listing window on another, comp window and card database on the other. I can list in 30 seconds that way if I am listing similar cards, 60 seconds if it is multiple card types. I know a few card store owners and they list the same way.

“No matter how good they make the mobile app it will always been limited by lack of keyboard and having only 1 tiny screen.”

Another seller who said they were preparing to begin listing trading cards on eBay sought advice on which method would be speediest and wrote, “I have heard of some people also using scanners. What do you think about that?”

eBay posted the announcement on December 7th on the discussion board devoted to selling. One seller criticized eBay for introducing changes in the busy holiday-shopping period, writing: “Again…. Why is eBay making major…

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