eBay Takes Promoted Listings Advanced CPC Ads Out of Beta Testing

eBay launched a beta version of Promoted Listings Advanced ads in 2021, and today it announced it has taken it out of beta testing and into general release.

Unlike regular Promoted Listing Ads where sellers pay a fee only when an ad results in a sale, Promoted Listings Advanced Beta charges sellers when a buyer clicks on their ad, regardless of whether the buyer make a purchase (called CPC, or cost-per-click).

In Tuesday’s post, eBay said it had added features based on seller feedback to help them save time creating and managing campaigns; increased the visibility of ads; and created tools needed to evaluate their performance.

eBay also said sellers see a 40% increase in items sold, on average, when using Promoted Listings Advanced compared to non-promoted items, according to eBay data 9/22–2/23. (In a previous blog post published July 6, eBay had written: “Sellers see 50% more sales, on average, when using Promoted Listings Advanced, compared to non-promoted items” citing the same time period, 09/22 – 02/23.)

Note that eBay Promoted Listings Advanced is only available to Above Standard or Top Rated sellers with enough account activity – it didn’t define “enough” in the FAQs where it defined eligibility.

Another FAQ explained, “How is Promoted Listings Advanced different from Promoted Listings Standard?”

“Both Promoted Listings campaign types help your items stand out among billions of listings across the eBay network and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching for what you’re selling, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

  • “Promoted Listings Standard campaigns let you promote your listings – across the eBay network and only pay when you sell. Standard campaigns are quick and simple to set up. Since you only pay when you sell, Standard campaigns are a low-risk way to boost visibility.
  • “Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns let you promote your listings in premium…

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