Ecommerce success takes much more than just selling the right product at the right price to the right audience. Many times, buyer decisions are informed by things that have nothing to do with the nature or quality of the product itself.

Service quality and website usability will often be what makes the difference.

Importance of Ecommerce Navigation

A website’s navigability is at the center of its usability. People can only buy what they can find. It’s not too different from what happens at a brick-and-mortar grocery store — products in the same category are placed on the same shelf or aisle. Someone who has never been to the store before can readily find the product they want by going to the appropriate aisle.

A cluttered interface and other navigation pitfalls will degrade the customer experience and increase the number of visitors that opt to buy from a competitor website. Prospective buyers are more likely to convert when they can intuitively and quickly find or discover products and product information. Good navigation makes business sense — happier users, higher sales and better search engine optimization (SEO).

Tips for Effective Ecommerce Navigation

Ecommrce stores must design the most seamless discovery experience possible. Here are some tips for creating effective ecommerce navigation:

1. Keep it Simple

The main aspect of keeping ecommerce navigation simple is sticking to convention and familiarity. For example, on most websites, the ‘Contact Us’ menu item is on the top right and bottom right of the page. So placing it on the top and bottom left will be self-defeating. Familiarity improves navigation speed and efficiency.

Think of it this way — by the time a user lands on a website, they have gone through several others and will probably visit several others after that. Their mind has already been accustomed to a near identical pattern of where particular menu items are in line with industry convention.

If a website does not follow this…

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